Downsizing is a big change. We are essentially undoing what we have been working towards for the first half of our life. At least we hope we have a lot more to go. That means lots of uncomfortable change, but there may be a way to lessen that uncomfortability. Check out these steps you can take to smoothen the ride a little bit.


The Eye Test

Since a lot of what downsizing is has to do with deciding to get rid of stuff you thought you needed really badly at one point in your life, expect you will try and convince yourself you still need it. One way I use when deciding if I need something is not ask f I need it but instead, place it next to something else and tell my self "Which one is better to keep" keep one, toss the other. There is also another technique that minimalist use, the will actually take an entire room, and move the contents to a place like a basement or garage, boxed and labeled. After 3 months, whatever they have not taken out fo the box because they really needed it, then get rid of. Since it is in a box, it is easy to do a garage sale pick and pay, or just tape up the box and have a goodwill or St Vincent DePaul pickup.

Start Now

Think about and then write down the pros and cons to downsizing. If you have family share your plans with them, and talk about the pros and cons you came up with. Ask them what they think. Keeping people aware and involved not only makes it better for them, but helps you come to terms with the change that is coming. Most folks have getting rid of some of the upkeep as on their list of pros for downsizing. After a while lawns, painting, weeding loses all romance of a first time home buyer is is nothing but work, kinda shoots a whole through the retirement idea.


Start Small

It is easy to feel overwhelmed at the entire project of downsizing. But if you start in one room, in one spot in the room, and that is your only goal, you will feel accomplished and have made progress in no time at all. And you just keep swinging the bat, one swing at a time. Focus on your next steps, forget about the rest and I guarantee you will reach the end and feel great about what you achieved.


Get Help

There are many places that will help you, family, friends, professional services even. We have all heard work smarter not harder, and that applies here. And keep the barter system in your plans. After all you are talking about letting go of assets, and what is one persons trash is another persons treasure. Not that your stuff is trash but you get the picture, you can leverage some of your stuff that you know is valuable for getting help moving and boxing that would be really nice to have.


Local Trusted Companies

Here are some great local businesses that help out with Downsizing